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The Violation Of Terry

The Violation Of Terry
The Violation Of Terry AWT Video
English + Others
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The Violation Of Terry features a super cute, slim and smooth lad who sports a big cock and a peachy tight little ass. His teen mates are all jealous of Terry as he's the one who always pulls the girls. So five of them get together and decide they are going to punish him for being such a cute little fucker by fucking his tight teen butt and spaffing spunk all over his face and in his mouth. The lads lure Terry into meeting up at one of the other lad's flat. Once they've got Terry to themselves the lads show no mercy. They hold him down and strip him, then they get out their massive teen erections and one by one (or two at a time) fuck Terry's sweet mouth, making him gag on their cocks. They dildo his ass, rim out his hole and then fuck his butt, stretching his tight virgin straight-boy hole as far as it will go with their throbbing hard-ons. Finally they force him to his knees and all five unleash a tremendous, pent up load of thick lad spunk into Terry's mouth and face. If that was not enough, after seeing Terry get butt fucked by five lads, there is another scene where Terry gets spit-roasted by another two lads and he drinks their spunk! One boy violated in the mouth and ass by five cocks with hard sex, cum drinking and bukkake!