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Military Doctor (Med Troopers)

Military Doctor (Med Troopers) High Octane
Military Doctor (Med Troopers) High Octane
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Military Doctor, is also known as Military Hospital and Med Troopers. Although medics, these troopers pack heat-seeking gristle missiles loaded with live ammo. When they hold your nuts, instead of saying turn your head and cough, they're likely to kiss you and fondle your ass. Patients become willing sexual partners of horny hospital workers in five scenes fully worthy of the High Octane fuel rating, capped by a heart-stopping four-way that gives intensive care a whole new meaning. In the opener, Vidanov loads syringes, barely concealing an evil grin as hunky soldiers Nadas and Szabad bend over for inoculations. The doctor is soon spread eagled on a couch getting sucked and rimmed. Nadas pokes his dick into Szabad's shapely butt as though he's found the cure for what ails him. The doctor also tops Szabad. In a second three-way, sexy, gap-toothed doctor Capa studies beefy Bauer's x-rays while assistant Otis examines Bauer, brazenly reaching inside his pants for the stiffening cock. Capa strips to expose a gym-toned torso and plunges his log into Bauer's hole. Bauer takes a turn topping Otis doggy style then pulls out to let Capa fuck Otis face-to-face. Capa's thick pole stretches Otis's hole to the limit. Otis winds up bouncing his butt on Capa's throbbing cock and cumming a river as he gets plowed. Szabad returns, joined by Flower, to visit pal Beau, a cute blond confined to bed. Flower has an animal magnetism that makes you yearn to swing from branches in his cage, hoping to land in his arms. Flower bends his muscular body for a hot standing fuck by Szabad. Beau's hairy balls visibly tighten in response to Flower's superheated blowjob. Flower plants his gorgeous ass on Beau's upright shaft, and Szabad holds his lips over Flower's stiff rod, letting the bouncing hips drive it deep into his mouth. They trade places, and Szabad fucks Beau, who looks up lustfully as he gets pounded. The next scene is heaven for twink fanciers. Slender, dreamy-eyed Habarcs sinks his bone to the base into twink beauty Brensen's fuzzy butt hole. Brensen's dick sticks out from his crotch like the tail of a pointer, and he shoots a massive load with the cock planted inside. If intensive care involves the treatment Harrison gets in the final scene, somebody saddle me with a life-threatening condition. Strapped into an ICU bed, ultra cute Harrison is having a bad dream when drop-dead gorgeous orderlies Miller, Sheldon and Vulcain come to his rescue. More alarming than the nightmare are three surgical masks he awakens to see above him. The medics proceed with their treatment, figuring the "yes" from his cock trumps the "no" on his panicked face, and the four shift around in a sloppy oral feast followed by a flip-flop fucking tour de force. Harrison gets fucked by all three orderlies and tops Vulcain, who also gets fucked by Sheldon. Miller takes it in the ass from Vulcain and Sheldon. Jumbo money shots crown a crescendo of erotic intensity, Harrison drenching his own face with a wild, body-thrashing eruption. Cast: Lance Beau, Eric Flower, Zavier Vulcain, Tad Harrison, Randal Sheldon, Todd Miller, Isidore Nadas, Tim Brensen, George Vidanov, Igor Otis, Shawn Capa, Tavish Szabad, Rick Bauer, August Habarcs

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