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Simply Adult sell a large selection of Better Sex aids products designed to improve your sexual health, libido, sexual potency, and sexual well being, including erection pills, penis enlargement devices, vacuum developers, premature ejaculation aids, and spare parts for vacuum pumps, Andromedical, Phallosan, and Bathmate.

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1.   Velv'Or JBoa 305 Adjustable Cock Ring: Silver Bolt
Velv'Or  £31.00
  1.   GMax Power Caps: 05 Tablet Pack
GMax  £22.00
2.   Velv'Or JBoa 304 Adjustable Cock Ring: Silver Biconcave
Velv'Or  £31.00
  2.   Spare Seal - Extra Large
Simply Direct  £5.00
3.   Velv'Or JBoa 303 Adjustable Cock Ring: Silver Knurled
Velv'Or  £31.00
  3.   Black Label Penis Power Cream
Simply Direct  £15.00
4.   Velv'Or JBoa 302 Adjustable Cock Ring: Silver Balls
Velv'Or  £31.00
  4.   GMax Power Caps: 10 Tablet Pack
GMax  £37.00
5.   Velv'Or JBoa 301 Adjustable Cock Ring: Silver White Crystals
Velv'Or  £31.00
  5.   Largo Gold Gel: 01 tube
Simply Direct  £25.00
6.   B Swish BCharmed Basic Plus Dual Cock Ring: Sea Foam
B Swish  £15.00
  6.   V-XL Instant: 10 Pack
V-XL Instant  £72.00
7.   B Swish BCharmed Basic Plus Dual Cock Ring: Black
B Swish  £15.00
  7.   Red Label Penis Power Gel
Simply Direct  £18.00
8.   Horny Little Devil: 01 Tablet Pack
GMax  £5.00
  8.   Orgasm Plus Gel For Women
Simply Direct  £25.00