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Oriental Dreams

Oriental Dreams East Time Production
Oriental Dreams East Time Production
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Oriental Dreams from the Vimpex label is an exotic collection of eastern twink tales. Filmed in Istanbul and Prague, the dvd goes much further than most in evoking a flavour of the East - the action even begins with some footage of the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque! There are six sections, and a description of the first will give a clear idea of what to expect. A blonde western boy is shopping in the Soukh of some Arab city. He happens upon a stall where there is a hookah to puff on (those eastern pots which bubble the smoke through water). Invited in by the boy in charge, our blonde lad finds another westerner, seemingly drowsy from the hookah. Now the attention shifts to the Arab boy, who is wearing a red fez and a white robe which sets off his dark skin admirably. Once he has the two westerners well and truly doped, he lifts his robe to reveal his erect stalk, and the lads are soon sucking away in various combinations. All are good-looking youths - they have nice bodies and the dark-haired lad has an impressive cock! When they've had their fill of oral, the real shagging begins! Five other great scenes in a similar vein round of this great twinky dvd. Cast: Jamil, Ali, Majid, Ibrahim, Nicolas, Miso, Anas, Malak, Dima, Mustafa, Luky, Samir

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