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Skin Bruv

Skin Bruv
Skin Bruv Triga Films
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In Skin Bruv from Triga, a couple of skin mates are sat in their council squat watching straight porn on a portable. Drinking beer paid for by the dole, the boredom sets in and one decides that his hard cock needs out - out and down his cute skin mate's throat. The blond lad doesn't get much say, hard to say anything with a gob full of skin schlong. The oral treatment is ruff but what do you expect - fuckin hearts 'n flowers! Then, when three of his mates crash the flat for the afternoon, you just know blondie is in trouble - his ass is literally going to be on the line. The four surround him and his jaw is given a good workout, each getting sucked before he is bent over the couch, his trackies are torn off and the poor lad is fucked relentlessly. Slaps, spit and verbal abuse remind the lad who is boss. But for these lads one ass ain't enough and soon one of the tops gets bitched! This is what it means to be a Skin Bruv - if another ass is needed, you fuckin give it up. Again the group take it in turns to use the fresh sub and once they have all had a go they jerk off together, spunking over themselves and each other!