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Skin Boss: Pay Up

Skin Boss: Pay Up
Skin Boss Pay Up Triga Films
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Skin Boss: Pay Up is a rampant no holds barred British production filmed on location in Liverpool. Pay day loans are two a penny in the UK right now and with sky high interest rates, sometimes its tough to pay it back. Remember though, if you don’t pay your tick you might lose your dick! When Brucey Bones and Chatty Charlie get behind on their repayments after too many nights and days in the pub, they soon regret it - and find out exactly why you don't want to fall into arrears and owe money to the local loan sharks. Wrenched out of their flats and dragged to a squat controlled by the sickest filthiest rouges in town, they are treated like the worthless pathetic cunts they are they. Chained up in a cage, they are used as human fuck and piss pots at the total mercy of Skin Boss and his dangerous henchmen. From extreme verbal agro to hard fucking, drenching piss, and lots of spunk, these lads have to take the complete works in rpayment for their debts. A tough lesson in paying their dues on time! Skin Boss: Pay Up features some of the hardest hardcore British action ever seen!