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Men In Budapest

Men In Budapest
Men In Budapest Men.Com
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Men In Budapest follows two American models, Andrew Stark and Marcus Ruhl, who journey to Budapest to film a little action while they discover the historic city's underground sex scene with their tour guide Jeffrey Branson. When Andrew sees how eager Jeffrey is to please, he knows he's found the right man for the job and steals him away to the kitchen for a hot suck and fuck. The boys then meet one of their guide's friends - a dominatrix with a big hunky slave named Marco Hell. Being a good host, the dominatrix instructs her slave to give Andrew an ass pounding that will leave him with a fantasy he'll never forget. Marcus then gets his turn at some Hungarian ass and has a big load of cum saved up. He blows it in a raunchy flip flop fuck with a local named Michael Troy. While that's going on, Andrew has a little altercation with a stalker. Look what happens when you drop some handsome studs in Budapest - tons of hot international sex! Cast: Andrew Stark, Jeffrey Branson, Claudio Antonelli, Marco Hell, Marcus Ruhl, Michael Troy