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Young British Shaggers 2

Young British Shaggers 2 Rentboy UK Platinum
Young British Shaggers 2 Rentboy UK Platinum
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They're at it again in Young British Shaggers 2. These cute twinkies have lust in their eyes, a boner in their pants, and hanker for a heavy fuck and suck session. Carl and Sky, two skinny friends, decide that as there's nothing on the TV, the only way to entertain each other is with a serious cock sucking session. It only takes one look before the two lads lock lips and stick their tongues in each other's mouth as hands snake under waistbands to feel hardening meat-stick in their trousers. Carl is the first to get his gums around his mate's plums, and slowly winds Sky up as he lovingly eats his cock. Sky is soon returning the favour until he grabs his pal's skinny butt cheeks, prises them open, and slides his long cock into Carl's chute until his balls are slapping against him. The look on their faces tell the pleasure story as this cute coupling ends with both guys jerking off and dumping their sweet loads. Jake and Scott are young lovers, and don't need an excuse to get down and dirty. They've got 95 channels on the TV, and still there's nothing worth watching. So only one thing for it - an afternoon of heady sex. The lads know how to please each other, so after a face sucking session, the skinny boys get naked and indulge in their second favourite pastime - cock sucking. Their favourite pastime is, of course, full juicy sex! Jake tops the young Scott with love in his heart and lust in his loins. Next, a tickle session soon turns into a lick session as Lloyd traces his tongue all over Troy's young body. Starting with his nipples, he edges down before engulfing Troy's thick cock between his lips. He takes his time as he slowly eats his pal's meat - taking as much of it in his mouth as he can. Troy is keen to give Lloyd the same amount of loving and is soon tracing his own path down his body and into his pants. The lads fall easily into a 69 before the skinny and lilly white Troy digs his cock into the tanned Lloyd's puckered hole. For one so young, Troy plows his boyfriend with the expertise of a pro and his thrusting soon has both of them popping their corks. The final scene sees a sleeping Kyle being woken by his play-buddy the best way - with a tender kiss and a squeeze of his cock. It's past siesta and Kyle awakes with a raging hard-on, which Kade cannot wait to get his hands and mouth around. An oral session ensues, and the now fully-awake Kyle is eager for ass and is soon pumping in and out of his young boy-lover. Eight horny and cute British twinks suck cock flip-flop style, before plundering and stretching tight teen holes. With an amazing eight rounds of sticky cumshots, these Young British Shaggers show how it's done! Cast: Carl Aston, Sky James, Scott Carey, Jake Hardy, Lloyd Adams, Troy McCarthy, Kade Montanna, Kyle Wilkinson

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