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British Underwear Party 6

British Underwear Party 6 Rentboy UK Platinum
British Underwear Party 6 Rentboy UK Platinum
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British Underwear Party 6 is an underwear fetish fantasy featuring eight horny English school lads in tight briefs and bulging boxers. Cody and Kamyk get the party started. Chilling in Kamyk's bedroom after school, the two lads are bored and horny so they decide to kill two birds with one stone and go in for some mutual wanking. With their hard dicks poking out from the top of their pants, they tug at each other before Cody leans over and slips his pal's cock into his mouth. With an expertise that belies a horny schoolboy, Cody's sucking action is second to none. The two randy pals are soon 69ing and Kamyk takes the lead as he pushes Cody onto all fours and slips his teen boner between his cheeks and deep into his tight boy hole. He punishes his ass with long fuck session that sees the two guys dumping a load onto each other. School's out for young lovers Aaron and Jaye and there's no need to guess who's the dominant party in this relationship as Jaye pushes his fuck buddy on the bed and shoves his cock in his mouth. The pants stay on while the boys 69 before Jaye tongue fucks his lover's blow hole before shafting him hard and long. Jordan pops round to see his mate Joey and catches him with his pants around his knees having a sly wank. Not perturbed, Jordan is soon sliding the hard pole down his throat - much to the delight of Joey. Joey returns the favour and, before you know it, the two teens are rumping like rabbits and shooting a double dose of boy cream. Kaiden and Ethan finish school and head back to Kaiden's, but after a bit of horse-play things get a bit intense and the lads are soon kissing each other full on the lips. Discarding their uniforms, they soap each other in the shower before heading to the bedroom. With loud moans, Ethan blows his mate's big hard dick before pushing his legs over his head to tongue his twitching hole. Kaiden groans with pleasure, especially when he feels Ethan edge the tip of his dick into his arse. Ethan pushes some more and Kaiden's arse swallows the hot boner with ease. Cock gobbling, arse splitting and creamy boy blow-outs fill this twinky underwear party - and the invitation is open to one and all! Cast: Ethan White, Aaron Aurora, Kaiden Spencer, Jaye Elektra, Kamyk Walker, Jordan Davis, Cody Reed, Joey Costello

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