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Bare Lessons 2

Bare Lessons 2 Tainted Twinx
Bare Lessons 2 Tainted Twinx
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Bare Lessons 2 is another of those atmospheric, beautifully-filmed gay dvds from Vimpex, set - as ever - in a rural middle Europe (probably the Czech Republic). The surroundings for this six-scene collection is a rather quaint boarding school, where the pretty-boy students wear a fetching uniform, not unlike a sailor-suit. A rugged young teacher is sitting in the rustic kitchen, eating an apple (the forbidden fruit, perhaps?) when a lovely lad comes in. Before long, the newcomer is having his washboard tummy felt, and his cock sucked! Surprisingly, it is the perfect, muscular body of the teacher that gets fucked. Elsewhere on the premises, two lads pounce on another young master, and take out his impressive, long cock. The three indulge in a group suck and shag! A pair of students find themselves alone, and the pale-skinned bottom takes a serious buggering! A dormitory wank, shared with a fellow student, attracts the attention of a passing teacher - and the latter decides to join the boys in bed. Two blonde twinks, peeling potatoes in the kitchen, decide that they'd prefer each other's plums! A close-up rimming session is followed by yet another bareback arse-fuck. When a handsome, bespectacled young master is joined in his bedroom by a student on a romantic visit, the teacher's uncut monster comes out, and the boy takes it in the arse! For beautiful settings, beautiful bodies and nicely-filmed erotic couplings, Vimpex cannot be beaten. Cast: Mark Zebro, Nick Lamar, Milan Breeze, Dion Phillips (Sergey Davidov), Steven Ward (Kamil Fox), Billy Dexter, Clive Harper, George Blow, Manuel Olimar (Tomas Adamec), Mike Green (Salem Moore), Nikandro Sideropulos (Nikolas Markov), Thomas Myk (Thomas Dyk)

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