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Peep Show Uncovered

Peep Show Uncovered
Peep Show Uncovered Pumpkin Media UK
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With flashing neon lights, Peep Show Uncovered is a little bit of home. It's like performing on stage - knowing that your every move and guttural moan is being watched and listened to by strangers. Each sequence of hot action is interspersed with interviews from peep show performers and the punters who love to watch. These sexy artistes give an insight into why they love the peep show circuit. "It's a real high to know that you are being spied on whilst you are being licked, fingered and fucked", whilst the punters reveal their dreams and expectations as they leer and gawp at the hot and sexy action that unfolds. Peep Show Uncovered is stylishly filmed with a documentary edge to it - giving it a unique quality! This, however, doesn't sway from the excitement and intimacy of a good hard shagging! The deep-throating blowjobs, the pussy tonguing and the fantastic athletic sex will have you glued to the screen for over two hours! Cum and spy on the hot, young babes while they fuck and get fucked for your voyeuristic pleasure! Peep Show Uncovered is guaranteed to blow you mind! It's 100% pure British hardcore. Cast: Emily, Jane Berry, Donnal, Lala, Paige Ashley, Others