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STB: The Virgin Issue

STB The Virgin Issue Simply Films
STB The Virgin Issue Simply Films
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In The Virgin Issue, two horny English porn agents have a great idea to get some cheap teenage pussy. They place an advert in the local paper looking for teenage girls who would like to lose their virginity in front of a live internet webcam. It's all a scam of course, but that doesn't stop three interested young British girls applying and losing their cherries to the cocky con men. The dvd opens with Laura and Asha calling each other to discuss the advert. The thought of losing their virginity gets them both hot, and they enjoy a bout of phone sex with each other as a result. Arriving at the agent's office, the pair do a bit of girl/girl in front of the guy, who quickly realises he cannot cope with both of them and calls for his mate to assist. Both girl's get their tight pussies thoroughly fucked. Young looking Maha is the next teeny to answer the advert. She takes both guys on! Cast: Donna Marie, Leyli, Sammy, Others

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