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Trigger Pump: Plastic No Gauge

Trigger Pump: Plastic No Gauge
Trigger Pump Plastic No Gauge 
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A Trigger Pump is more powerful than the standard ball pump. This trigger pump has no gauge, so limits pump pressure automatically to a safe working pressure. The traditional ball pumps supplied with our Standard and Maxitone Vacuum Pumps are usually more than ample for most users to create the strength of erection that they seek. However we are constantly asked for a stronger pump, preferably of the Trigger variety. A Trigger Pump will create harder, bigger and more powerful erections, as they are capable of creating much greater vacuum pressures within the vacuum cylinder itself. Our Plastic Trigger Pump is made in the UK to very high medical standards - it can actually be found in everyday use in UK hospitals. All pumps have a push button pressure release valve. These pumps are of excellent quality and are both light and easy use. This pump will fit onto the existing tubing of all our developers and can be purchased as a stand-alone device as a compliment to your existing developer or as an upgrade on Standard and Maxitone and Vibrating Power Pumps at the time of initial purchase.