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Printed Brochures

Our monthly printed brochure is designed for UK customers who either do not have regular access to our internet website, or who prefer to choose their dvds from a printed catalogue and order their items by mail.

I receive your monthly printed brochure by post and I wish to cancel receipt.

Please contact us using any of the methods on our Contact Details page and we will cancel your brochure mailing. Depending on the timing of your cancellation though, they may be one more brochure that is already in transit and therefore cannot be stopped.

I am moving house and changing address. How much notice do you need?

Please alert us as soon as possible, but please give us at least three weeks notice.

How do I subscribe to your mail-order printed brochure?

Our printed brochure is only available to customers with a United Kingdom address. If you wish to receive our latest brochure, please contact us using any of the methods on our Contact Details page and we will send a copy to you within 21 days. Once you place an order from the brochure, you will then receive a new brochure every month until such time as you wish to cancel.

Can I read your monthly printed brochure online?

Yes you can. All our recent brochures are available to read online in our amazing Flipbook format. You can view the brochures on our Simply The Best Dvd page.

Do you ever sell or distribute a customer's postal address, email address, or other contact information to other companies?

Never. Ever.