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Pink Lady Vibro Touch

Pink Lady Vibro Touch Fleshlight Girls
Pink Lady Vibro Touch Fleshlight Girls
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The Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch marks the most recent development in new and innovative Fleshlight brand products. While outside appearances are practically identical to standard Fleshlight models, they've redesigned the patented SuperSkin Sleeve to include three strategically placed pockets surrounding the face of the orifice which house the custom Fleshlight Bullets. Place up to three vibrating bullets (included with your purchase) inside the Sleeve before inserting it into your Fleshlight Case to experience 360º of intense vibrating pleasure. Not only does the addition of the vibrating bullets substantially increase sensation during use, but they also significantly tighten the entry. Customize your experience by experimenting with one, two or all three bullets to adjust tightness and vibration during use and find the perfect combination that's right for you. Each Fleshlight Vibro purchase also includes an additional package of 10 batteries which can be used to extend the experience for up to 13 hours. This purchase comes complete with the unique gunmetal Fleshlight Vibro Case. The SuperSkin Sleeve features the iconic Lady (Vagina) orifice, the soft pink colour and the Vibro-exclusive Touch texture designed with dozens of concentric fingers placed along the length of the shaft which push and pull against you while carrying the vibrations from de Fleshlight Bullets to the centre of the sleeve. Try and find out what the BUZZ is all about!

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