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Wild Ride

Wild Ride Raging Stallion
Wild Ride Raging Stallion
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Strap in, buckle up, and get ready 'cos Raging Stallion is pleased to bring you Wild Ride, featuring four heart-pounding, muscle-rippling sex adventures with eight of their hottes, cock-sure models suckin' and fuckin' their way to mind-shattering climax. So grab hold and let's get this show on the road! Production had wrapped on Brutal but that didn't mean Rusty and Trent didn't have something they wanted to work out on in the boxing ring. These boys duke it out pro style, showing off their sparing and fancy footwork. Trent gets plenty of hits into Rusty's rippin' abs before the allure of Rusty's musk draws his face down to crotch level to dine on Rusty's long hard, thick cock. Red silk boxing trunks drop to reveal Rusty's crotch canon and Trent devours it whole. Rusty then picks up Trent, throws him to the ropes and attacks Trent's own hard snake hiding behind blue silk trunks. Trent then mounts Rusty in reverse cowboy, riding him good. Rusty slaps and fucks his way up into Trent's hot butt before pouring his load all over Trent's beautiful ass. Ricky and Anton were put to work in the shipping department but Ricky clearly has other ideas than hard manual labour and sets Anton's sweet mouth to work sucking his cock. Ricky then turns Anton around, bends him over the shipping table and slips his shipper into his sweet, smooth ass. A good ass pounding is what Anton wants and that's exactly what he gets. Those hankering for a taste of leather will get their hunger satisfied with this next hot pairing with Scott clad in skin tight black leather chaps, bar vest, wrist cuffs and biker's cap whilst Pete's tanned and tattooed chest is harness bound and his ass beautifully framed in a white jock strap. Pete wastes no time swallowing Scott's juicy cock which grows fatter and longer in his hot mouth. Scott then gets Pete over a barrel and slides his fat sausage into Pete's quivering hole. Scott pounds Pete real good. Eying the nearby sling, Scott knows how to get in deeper and with Pete splayed out on the suspended leather sling, Scott goes in for the kill, double time drilling Pete's insides harder and harder. Resting up in a spacious Jacuzzi, Austin and Sean know they have unfinished business. Sean slurps down on Austin's serpent while steam rises from the bubbling pool. Bending up to get a better bead on Austin's cock, Sean's hungry hole comes into view and Austin dives in, kneading Sean's ass cheeks and thinking about what's to come. Austin bends Sean over the edge of the pool and slides his long, thick cock home for a good, honest fucking. Not to be outdone, Sean takes over and fucks Austin's muscled ass good and hard. But to blow his load, Austin wants to do the fucking. So he puts Sean on his back and fucks him long and hard. Sean blows his load then Austin blows and there's cum all over the tiles. This is one Wild Ride that you can't afford to miss! Cast: Rusty Stevens, Ricky Sinz, Antton Harri, Pistol Pete, Scott Tanner, Sean Stavos, Austin Wilde