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Up Your Alley 1

Up Your Alley 1
Up Your Alley 1 Club Inferno
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Up Your Alley 1 is the private afterparty following on from the infamous Dove Alley Street Fair held every July in San Francisco. It's quite a simple, logical idea: get a bunch of pornstars who all enjoy fisting and are actually good at it, shove them in a setting with slings, fuck benches and enough lube to drown Africa, wind up the key and let them all go. The dvd dives straight in and it goes wonderfully downhill from there. There are way too many combinations to go into here - it helps that the majority of the participants are versatile - but the following are recommended. The competition to be first on the fisting dancefloor (won by Allen happily playing Kermit to Samson's Jim Henson); intrepid cameraman Pachman, who never shies from sticking the camera where it shouldn't be; Pierce and Soldier using dildos on the entire cast and Samson's trip to Planet Clare as he's fisted. Best of all is when Green is in the sling armed with a camera - we see him sucked, fucked, punch-fucked and fisted by the cast in CU's so sharp you'd swear it was 3D. The sex is total filth but there's also a lot of love and respect on display. There's a lot of bonding happening, if you wanted to get all West Coast about it. Overall this is a big one in the eye to those porno-makers who insist that fisting and general pigsex cannot be sexy unless it's unsafe! Cast: Aaron Tanner, Bryce Pierce, Jeff Allen, Rik Jammer, Leif Gobo, Michael Soldier, Matthew Green, Scott Samson, Sky Donovan