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Twinker Toys

Twinker Toys Raging Stallion
Twinker Toys Raging Stallion
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Boys and their Twinker Toys - four sizzling scenes of twinks in action featuring a cast of eight with a bag of knickknacks and mischief on their minds. While porn-surfing the internet, Brock Richmond settles down for some fun. He sits back and starts to jack off but none of that pud-pulling seems to be working good enough. He reaches for his RealTouch toy and slides his dick between the latex lips. The sensations he's getting from this automatic blowjob are coursing through his entire body and when Tyler Mansfield walks in, Brock invites his buddy to join in the fun. Tyler wastes no time and pulls out his chubby eight-incher which Brock swallows down as the RealTouch continues its sensuous massage on his own cock. Tyler is curious about the device and Brock obliges his friend, slipping the toy onto his love muscle so he can get a taste of the mechanized man-handler. With the heavy-duty masturbator working its motorized mojo on his boner, Tyler goes down on Brock's uncut tool. Then he begins rimming his host's ass, occasionally jabbing a finger inside the hole to prime it for a more invasive assault. Tyler fucks Brock fast and hard, the two of them twisting into different positions until one after the other, they shoot their loads, dotting Brock's belly with puddles of cum. Jordan Long asks his buddy Seth Jenkins what's the deal with all the new toys. Seth is quick to respond that he's got this cache of latex gizmos on hand to intensify ass play; he also promises that another friend will soon join them. But neither guy can wait to get the ball rolling and they quickly sink into each other's embrace, sucking face before they both jam a toy up their asses. Then they alternate some suck-n-fuck action on one another, knoshing on each other's sausages while teasing their bungholes with the butt plugs. Craving more intense play, Seth begs his cohort to fuck him and Jordan is eager to indulge him doggie-style. Patrick O'Riley strolls in and the action grows even hotter when he strips down so both Seth and Jordan can take turns sucking his dick. Patrick then grabs the third toy and wedges it into his hole but admits a real cock up the ass would feel a lot better. They line up with Seth in the lead and Patrick porking him from behind while Jordan takes up the rear with his hot rod rammed up the middleman's ass. They rock back and forth in a daisy-chain fuck-link until Jordan pulls out and cums. Seth and Patrick are left to finish themselves off and after more ass play with their toys, Patrick screws Seth until they each unload hefty shots of spooge. Seth finds himself all alone admiring his new dildo. He lubes it up and gingerly stuffs it up his butt hole. Just as he's surrendering to the tingling sensations of the latex pole churning into his hole, Shawn Lane moseys on in, eager to give his friend a hand. The two begin kissing, groping each other before Seth gets on his knees to open wide and feed on Shawn's humongous horse dick. His efforts are soon rewarded as Shawn grabs the dildo and jams it up his ass, twisting it as far deep inside as he can. Seth confesses that his twitchin' asshole is itchin' for the real thing so Shawn gets in position and screws him hard and sweet. He thrusts in and out of Seth's puckered manhole in a steady cadence, sending his buddy spiraling into ecstasy. The guys take a momentary break so Shawn can beat himself off while he's hungrily fellating Seth who still has the dildo stuffed up his own ass. After that brief interlude, the two horn dogs fuck some more, this time in a more fevered and aggressive manner until both of them explode, shooting loads of gooey man cream. With the Ice Jack stroker already in use on himself, studly Jake Steel luxuriates in the feelings of pleasure the sex toy's creating. Mike Harbor catches him in action but Jake welcomes the intrusion and wastes no time luring his friend into action. He fishes Mike's cock out of his pants and sucks it to hardness while still pleasuring himself with his toy. Mike soon gets his turn with the thick plastic sleeve and as he slides his cock in and out of the suction chamber, he feasts on Jake's hose. The big man then takes his friend down onto all fours and diddles with his ass, licking the fuzzy cleft with his tongue and poking it with his finger. Then he rams his engorged romper-stomper into Mike's furry hole, thrusting his hips to and fro and pumping hard and fast. They continue to fuck non-stop in every which way until Mike can no longer hold back and he shoots out a load of hot cum up across his chest. Jake continues porking his buddy, working himself into a lather until he finally pulls out and climaxes, splashing Mike's chest with more creamy jizz. Cast: Brock Richmond, Tyler Mansfield, Seth Jenkins, Shawn Lane, Jordan Long, Patrick O'Riley, Jake Steel, Mike Harbor