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This Will Hurt

This Will Hurt
This Will Hurt Raging Stallion
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The dungeon is filled with dig dicks, hard muscle and rough sex - so you know This Will Hurt. Three intense sessions of hardcore BDSM pack this film with must-see footage. First, Ramon Steele shows Element Eclipse no mercy in a scene that fills the air with screams of pain and moans of ecstasy. Ramon stuffs steel rods down Element's piss slit as this dungeon scene opens and the fucking Element's urethra gets by the ribbed rod is just a teaser of things to come. Then Logan Scott submits to the masterful skill of Nick Moretti, who introduces his bottom to the world of leather sex. Logan is fettered and flogged by Nick as this steamy play session begins. The flogging may have warmed Logan up, but it's Moretti's hard cock that has the bottom choked-up and drooling on the floor with his hands now shackled to his ankles. After moving Scott to a fuck box, Moretti eats the bottom's ass and then fucks him hard from behind and then with Scott's boots in the air and the tempo builds until Scott's torso is covered in cum. Finally, Tristen Phoenix plays cocky bottom to Phenix Saint and Rusty Stevens, but the tops soon have Phoenix's hands shackled to his ankles and leash around his neck. Phoenix has his chest, back and ass flogged by Saint as Stevens holds the sub in place with the leash. Stevens uses a penis pump on Phoenix while continuing to instruct the still stubborn bottom as Saint punctuates the berating with slaps to Phoenix's torso. Stevens finally losses his patience with the irreverent bottom, beats a load off onto Phoenix's back and leaves. Saint happily takes charge of Phoenix, fucking the bottoms throat and then his tight, round ass with him on all fours. The bottom takes it like a champ even when turned over on his back until Saint takes Phoenix to his knees and has him stoke out a load. Saint then blows his own load on the bottom's shoulder. Directed by Chris Ward, This Will Hurt proves once again, if it's real BDSM, it's Fetish Force! Cast: Phenix Saint, Rusty Stevens, Tristan Phoenix, Logan Scott, Nick Moretti, Ramon Steele, Element Eclipse