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The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride All Worlds Video
The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride All Worlds Video
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The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride explores the pride and egos of some of the cast, and the abilities to have men worship their bodies and cocks. Big beefy Duke Miller is a little too proud of his bulky self. He wanders through San Diego Mardi Gras demanding adoration - and he gets it, but he doesn't notice the mirth and distain he arouses because of his attitude. Meanwhile, Jackson Price and Eddie Rollan fuck like bunnies, Nick Young bones Jeffrey Alan, Spike squirts one of his trademark quartloads of cum onto a crowd from a balcony, three military guys decide not to troll for pussy and do each other. Chad Donovan finally takes Duke down a peg - a ten inch peg, to be precise - after which Duke meets up with Chris Steele. Director Dirk Yates has gathered together some of the thickest, biggest man meat in the business today in this Mardi Gras themed video. But more importantly, it's how well these hung studs use their endowed gifts that makes this an outstanding dvd. Cast: Duke Miller, Chad Donovan, Jackson Price, Nick Young, Eddie Rollan, Jeffrey Alan, Chris Steele, Spike, Frank Marine, Lance Landers, Rick Ritter