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The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony

The Seven Deadly Sins Gluttony All Worlds Video
The Seven Deadly Sins Gluttony All Worlds Video
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Award-winning and cutting edge director Wash West gives us his tale of the sin of over-doing it. The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony stars the sexy and hung Eric Hanson in a tale with a Dorian Gray twist. Tempted by an apple, real-life lovers Hanson and Diego show their real-life passions on the screen with succulent cock sucking and a hot flip-flop. The two men invade each other's love canals and explode with creamy jism. The sexy Tony Pacino (in a car on a dry lakebed) orally services Anthony Cox. The two sex pigs take it on home, where Cox shoves his thick piece of man meat inside Pacino for some serious ass ramming. Porn favorite Rod does some heavy kitchen action with blond bottom boy Troy. Troy works and worships Rod's uncut fleshrod and then gets up on the kitchen table for Rod to pump his love stick in his eager hole. The two men then release buckets of cum for each other - to show their appreciation. Then Eric Hanson is back for more hot man sex but this time it's with bottom boy Tanner. These two beauties hide away in the attic as Eric fucks Tanner's ass with passion. Tanner is more than happy to give up his tight asshole to Eric's beautiful cock. West employs some wicked photographic techniques to replicate the beefcake films of the 50s, and there's a 70s style sequence complete with Starsky & Hutch music, flared-out clothes, handlebar mustaches, a bad-ass set of wheels, and some throbalicious deep-throating action. Just buy it already; you'll be quite pleased. Truth be told, this was one of 2001's very best. Cast: Eric Hanson, Anthony Cox, Diego Stefano, Rod Barry, Tanner Hayes, Tony Pacino, Troy Michaels