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The Best Of Cadinot 2

The Best Of Cadinot 2 Cadinot
The Best Of Cadinot 2 Cadinot
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French studio Cadinot presents the second The Best Of Cadinot compilation, featuring one scene each from several of their classic back catalogue films. Pension Complete sees three energetic young lads in Bavaria for their holiday - but it certainly isn't the scenery they're interested in! A masseur waits for a delivery of toys for his young clients in Le Coursier but the courier has an accident en route and is attended to personally by the ambulance drivers! An 18-year-old boy casts for Cadinot and recalls his early sexual experiences in front of the camera in Aime...Comme Minet, while a care-free young man wanders the countryside, crossing his path with experiences he ultimately shares with the younger son of a doctor in Le Desir en Ballade. A group of young students discover the joys of winter sports for the first time in Le Jeu De Pistes, and a young tourist suffering from heatstroke in the desert soon discovers legendary Arabian hospitality. Manoeuvres in battle dress, misuse from NCOs, pillow fights - the sexual tension of young men deprived of female company whilst in active service is documented in Service Actif. Finally, the eventful life of a shy porn writer features in Sous Le Signe De l'Etalon where reality and fiction are not the only things which cross! Note - one scene is featured from each film mentioned.

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