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Tattooed Twinks

Tattooed Twinks Raging Stallion
Tattooed Twinks Raging Stallion
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Welcome to Chris Porter's bar, the in place where handsome young Tattooed Twinks hang out for good music, fast dancing, strong drinks and of course, great sex. It's the end of another rockin' night at the bar and shirtless Chris and his smoothed body co-worker Darin are cleaning up the mess - young people sure do create a lot of trash! Chris has decided to throw a private party tomorrow night but to be invited you gotta be a Tattooed Twink. Darin is disappointed that he is not available for the party, so Chris decides to give him a preview of what he'll miss with a deep-throated blowjob and a hard ass pounding over the bar. The big party is in full swing, music pumping and boys having a great time. Tristan Sterling and Ryan Matthews share a drink in the corner. They both look too clean cut since none of their body art is showing, but that soon changes as they slowly strip down to not only reveal their ink, but their rock hard cocks. Chris Porter knows how to treat his guests when he brings a bottle of champagne to Danny Brooks in the VIP room. Danny knows how to thank Chris by sucking Chris' eager dick and licking his tasty balls. Horny Keith Conner wanders into the room and watches as Chris deep throats Danny's cock all the way down to his hanging sperm tanks. They invite Keith to join in and he strips to reveal his lean body and hard cock, which he shoves into Danny's mouth as Chris pokes his fingers into Danny bubble butt. Chris fucks Danny and then Keith each taking a cock in the mouth at the same time. Danny sprays a hot load over Keith's back tattoo and takes off for more action at the club. Chris keeps fucking Keith until both drench Keith's stomach with their cum. Insatiable Danny Brooks has wandered off into the crowd of guests buck-naked - to the delight of all the partiers. He makes a beeline for handsome Jake Austin and soon has Jake's cock out and in his mouth. Jake takes a turn sucking down Danny's equally impressive cock. Danny licks and fucks Jake's round ass every which way and even manages to sucks Jake's cock while fucking him. Jake jerks his cock, popping his seed all over his tattooed body. Danny finishes with his cum dripping down Jake's scruffy chin and neck before licking it off and kissing Jake. Tattooed Twinks is hot party of young inked flesh, so grab a drink and a twink! Cast: Chris Porter, Danny Brooks, Darin Silvers, Jake Austin, Keith Conner, Ryan Matthews, Tristan Sterling