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Strong-Armed 2

Strong-Armed 2
Strong-Armed 2 Club Inferno
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As with most of Club Inferno's fisting flicks, fisting looks absolutely elegant in StrongArmed 2. How these models manage to appear fresh and alive while their asses are being invaded is something that never fails to impress. With a series of different styles and bottoms who are able to take different amounts, Strong-Armed 2 lands squarely in the winner's column as a first-rate handballing opus. Drew Peters is cradled in the arms of strapping tattooed baldie Jacob Scott, who is feeling Drew's cock through his tight pants. Tall nipple-pierced Jason Miller comes over and starts feeling up Drew as well. Within moments, Drew is undressed, save for boots and a jockstrap, and Jason has his hand gloved and ready to play with Drew's ass. All but the thumb go in, child's play for a supreme bottom like Drew. The thumb soon joins its brothers and Drew is cooing contentedly as his ass is stretched while Jacob lovingly massages him. Jason must be hitting the right spots, for Drew unloads a torrent of urine all over himself as Jason works his fist in. Jason gives Drew an easy, almost friendly fisting session. Jason then bounds over and shoves his thick cock into Drew, slamming at him pretty hard. Jason comes to sit on Drew's face to have it eaten as Jason is rocking the table with his hard fuck, Drew's bleats loud, but controlled since there is an ass on his face. Thicker than Jason's hand or Jacob's cock is Jacob's fist, and that's the next thing worked into Drew. Jacob pushes in hard to the glove line with fine skill and then takes on Jason. Jason seems more relaxed with this than the ever-perky Drew, so Jacob starts out slowly to keep him feeling falsely secure. Fitting in Jacob's hand is no tiny accomplishment, and Jason isn't quite as open as Drew to it, but the loud pleasing and Jacob's feisty anger makes for potent fisting fun. Scene two starts with buff box cover model Ken Houser having his legs spread very wide apart so thinner goateed brunet Justin Lake can go apeshit rimming him. The very eager Justin works all over Ken's hairless ass and his trussed-up balls with alacrity and rather ferocious intent. A blowjob is every bit as focused, with Justin wonderfully deciding to have lots of fun before something is shoved hard up somewhere. Ken gives it back to the littler fellow, licking him solidly and then fucking him forcefully and quickly. That's all considered foreplay in this fisting fest, so soon enough Ken is sporting the white glove and jamming fingers into Justin. Strongman Ken is actually quite playful, not pushing with the full fist at first, but really giving Justin a chance to open up with a slew of fingers. However, once Ken drills in all of his digits, there's a war afoot. Justin jiggles his ass all over the place and Ken plants his feet on the ground arm's length away to be in the best possible position for really grinding in his fist. When Justin is flipped onto his back, he can't mock-fight the fisting as much, so Ken plows ahead with a more relaxed air. Justin is agape with pleasure, and Ken gives it slowly, but with authority. The best sections actually find his fist staying inserted for long periods of time. With a beastly set of roars, Ken, one hand in Justin, jacks himself to completion. Michael Brandon looks as comfortable as ever stroking his magnificent cock, sitting alone enjoying himself. Shaved-headed cutie Michael Starr happens by and no invitation is needed for him to start sucking Michael's legendary piece. Stunningly, he is able to deep-throat it, and keeps doing so. Michael Brandon seems impressed, so Michael Starr works it to the balls over and over, made no easier by Michael Brandon face-fucking. Michael Brandon, comfortable having his dick sucked, doesn't do "idle" very well, so he starts to play with Michael Starr's ass, nastily poking his fingers at the smooth adorable asshole and then licking it with his usual two tons of desire. Michael Brandon drips lube into Michael Starr and gives the bottom a very relaxing two-finger fuck. Michael Starr seems way more open than his fisting bottom cohorts so far, and even three fingers slide in with wowing ease. The fingering session is grand, but since it's so simple, it ends up going on a bit long. But, have no fear, the white glove test is next, and in slides Michael Brandon's full fist with, unbelievably, the same simplicity with which his fingers found their way in. It's all a credit to how wide open Michael Starr is to taking such a potent fisting top. So as to waste no time, Michael Brandon has both hands gloved, alternating them and punch-fuck fisting with nary a complaint from Michael Starr. The hands trade off with great speed and Michael Starr steals the whole flick with his amazingly welcoming butt. Michael Brandon's insistent drilling is not for beginners, but Michael Starr's ass matches him at every twist. Ever the gentleman, Michael Brandon turns over Michael Starr, fist still going at top speed (and way beyond the glove line), but with the top now blowing the bottom at the same time. Both men, covered in oil and sweat, get to cum so this spectacular scene can end. Hot kissing starts the next scene, with a rugged Michael Soldier having exceedingly handsome goateed Bryan Wyatt as his plaything. The luscious Bryan licks all around Michael's body, always ending up back at his mouth. Michael pins Bryan down to lick very aggressively at his armpits. Michael pops out his cock for Bryan to suck, which he does with great oomph, spending a particularly good amount of time on Michael's balls. A complete deep-throat comes very naturally to ace Bryan. Michael wastes no time in sliding fingers into Bryan's oh-so-edible bum as the chugging blowjob continues. Michael starts rimming Bryan's world-class ass rather delicately and teasingly, but soon enough has his face as far up it as it can go. The camera all but sits on Michael's shoulder, and the sight of Bryan's asshole that close is gorgeous. After Bryan rolls a condom down Michael's dick with his mouth, he gets his ass majorly plowed. Michael slams in deep from the onset and continues with good power. For all the energy, there are some very tender moments from Michael, too, bending over to lick Bryan's back and keeping their chemistry going without a break. Michael turns the fuck into a really seething pleasure, so focused and so using his awesome bottom to the fullest. Michael gets off a nice load with Bryan kissing and licking him. Cast: Drew Peters, Jacob Scott, Jason Miller, Ken Houser, Justin Lake, Michael Brandon, Michael Starr, Michael Soldier, Bryan Wyatt