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Sperm Overload

Sperm Overload
Sperm Overload Hot Desert Knights
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If you're a serious cum addict and like hot, steamy, real man juice being pumped up your ass, down your throat or shot all over you, then Sperm Overload will have you blowing your load for hours! Featuring over 60 cumshots, nothing but hot raw sex and non-stop jizz-oozing insatiable cocks are the hallmark of this cum-saturated film. Whether you call it cum, man juice, splooge, cream, jizz or jism, Hot Desert Knights has put it all together - just for all you cum lovers - a collection of cumshots you won't want to miss. Pace yourself and follow along and watch one hot exploding and splattering cumshot after another. Definitely a film that all cum fans need in their library! Cast: Alan Gregory, Ardon Masters, Arik Burns, Austin Jaymes, Basti, Ben Gunn, Caleb Daniels, Casey Woods, Dino Phillips, Duke Savage, Franklin, George, Jack Horny, Jake Harris, Jarod Steele, Jason Mitchell, Josh Ford, Marc M., Pan, Punch Atwill, Rex Valentino, Richard Rider, Rocco, Scott Daniels, Steff Alexander, Steve, Teradyne Allesandro, Tim Skyler, Tobi