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Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk Club Inferno
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Club Inferno and Director Wolfgang Bang bring you the best looking cast of nasty horned up fist-pigs ever in Slam Dunk. These hardcore players open new doors of sexual exploration with sound play, hot wax, double-penetration and more. The dirtier the action the harder the cocks. When you've got a bunch of fist-hungry, big-dicked handball heroes like this, you know it's a Slam Dunk. Leather man Lars Svenson puts Kent North in a dog cage and orders him to fist himself. North obeys and opens his mouth wide to take in all eight-plus inches of Svenson's fat cock. Out of the cage and on his back North opens his asshole wide to take Svenson's fist. Next Svenson grabs a glass cylinder, shoves it inside North's black hole and illuminates it with a flashlight. The sight of North's pink glowing insides drives Svenson crazy so he steps up and fucks him long and hard. Svenson wraps his fist around his own cock and shoves both into North's gaping manhole. Satiated, they cover North in cum. Drew Peters spends some alone-time, filling his hole with lube and his own fist. Jessie Balboa enters and effortlessly shoves his fist deep inside Peters. Hung top Nick Horn joins the pair and shoves his meat hook up Balboa's ass. Horn places Balboa ass-up on top of Peters so he has full access to both bottomless pits. He greases up both hands and begins working the young men's holes. Horn pulls out his fist and inserts his man-rammer cock into Balboa's hole. Peters can't resist Balboa's rigid cock and jumps on top for a ride. With Balboa's cock still inside, Peters flips over so that Horn can shove his fat cock in his ass, too. Having both cocks in his ass gets Peters off, as the other two stand up and jack off all over Peters. Rik Jammer is ass-up in a sling. Pierced top man Bud pulls out his fat tool and jacks it while shoving things up Jammer's greedy hole. After priming Jammer's rosebud with a huge dildo, Bud slips on his rubber gloves to give Jammer what he really wants his fist all the way in his ass. Bud pulls Jammer out of the sling and down onto his rock-hard cock so Jammer can demonstrate his master cocksucking skills. Next, inked horn dog Bud lays in the sling so Jammer can fuck his ass with a huge red dildo. Next Jammer puts on the gloves, allowing Bud to impale himself on Jammer's rigid forearm, taking the limb all the way to the elbow. The versatile fist-pigs move to a rubber mat where they cram their fists in each other's assholes, making a twisted sixty-nine on the floor. They take turns fisting and sucking each other until they both spurt hot white cum. Derrick Hanson has three hungry bottoms chained up in his garage. Tony Bishop is the first to be unchained. Hanson roughs him up, shoves a zero gauge sound into his fat, hard cock, torments him with wax and handcuffs his hand to his cock and balls. Next he puts Stretch on a nearby workbench and shoves him down until he's doing the splits. Hanson makes Bishop eat Stretch's gaping ass while he moves on to Chad West. After shoving his cock in West's mouth, Hanson flips him over and fucks him. Meanwhile Bishop has his fist well up Stretch's amazing ass. Hanson and Stretch put Bishop and West on the workbench and fill their holes with foot-long dildos. All three men kneel over Bishop and blow their loads all over him. Cast: Chad West, Bud, Derrick Hanson, Drew Peters, Jessie Balboa, Kent North, Lars Svenson, Nick Horn, Rik Jammer, Stretch, Tony Bishop