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Skull Fuck

Skull Fuck Treasure Island Media
Skull Fuck Treasure Island Media
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Nothing on the planet makes everyone happier than devoted cock sucking - and Skull Fuck is exactly that. It's oral worship of the highest kind, and if the world were to unleash an army of cock suckers to blow every man alive, this would be a much more peaceful planet. No one is less inclined to think about fighting than a man who has his cock rooted deep in another man's gulping throat. Skull Fuck opens with James Roscoe, a seriously handsome fucker. And a handsome face that was born to be fucked. James happens to be a world-class cock sucker and wants something intense so he takes on 10 inches of rammin' cock attached to a top for some jaw-crackin' phallic misuse. Rashad is a handsome straight man from Turkey. He only fucks women, but he's absolutely fine with getting blown by a guy. Put him together with one of the all-time great cock-worshippers, Skeet, and you have an up-close lesson in true cock-love. Newcomer Joey Dingo is that quiet good-looking guy who works in your office. You wonder about him, but he's married with a couple of kids, so you assume he goes home to the family when he leaves work, but as often as not, his evening commute home involves a detour to suck cock. Now, Dan Fisk has a weakness for handsome blonde men, so put the two together and Dan just loves to deep plunge his big, throbbing, needy cock down the warm welcoming married-mans throat. Devon from Atlanta wants to be the next Damon Dogg, so he got three beautiful black cocks to work on. Hal on the other hand loves to take jizz-loads down his throat. "If it's white and warm, I wanna swallow it down!" is how he puts it. So he gets five big and beautiful cocks with the daunting task of sucking all of them to complete satisfaction. Half way through, little Hal gets too excited and jerks himself off. But then it's right back to sucking big ol' dicks and blissfully slurping down those anonymous man loads. Damon Dogg met Paul Stag a while back, and ever since then he's had a serious hankering for the Brit's thick, uncut dong. Damon is such a pro that Paul came within the first few minutes, and of course Damon greedily slurped up every drop of the tough limey's slime. But Paul wasn't done - not by a long shot. He really wanted to show Damon how the English do it, so he gave him the Skull Fuck of a lifetime. Craig and Mud mesh perfectly. Craig's a fine little cock sucker, submissive and hungry as a lost alley pup. And Mud is a fine, arrogant cocksman who knows that between his legs he has exactly what cocksuckers love and need solid-state sucking! Kaleb is a piss-guzzling cockwhore and paired with Ion, a seriously intense and brutally-hung ex-con who rough-fucks and punishes Kaleb's li'l throat with his rock hard stir-stick. Ion tears up Kaleb's mouth with no mercy whatsoever and Ion takes his punishment like a trooper. A well-hung Italian stud who wanted to see what it's like getting blown through a glory hole and Joey takes his time to savour the big dick of Dan Fisk and wallowing down the warm cream that is expelled! Javin sports a 10 inch boner between his legs and Danny would be the first person to tell you that he's not that experienced but coming face to face with the moby of all dicks, he looks forward to the challenge. It's often the really quiet men who turn out to be intense fuckers. See Javin thrusts his oversized onyx wang deep and impale poor Danny's head with it, choking him until you think he's gonna pass out. Danny grins and opens his eyes wide in amazement and dives right back down on it, taking the challenge. He gags, he heaves, he nearly dies. But by god, he gets the job done, and he gets it done good! Klep is a London cum slut of the highest order and Keer gives him a welcome feeding, but Kelp opens his throat wide and takes three cocks to the hilt, sucking and nursing the loads right out of their balls. This guy's a fuckin' pro and he shows you how it's done. And while they were feeding their cocks to Klep, the three studs had been sucking down beer. And once they shot their loads, they were ready to hose down the cock sucker with a three-nozzle piss-shower. Klep wallows on the floor, licking the fresh beer-piss up off the filthy concrete. Keer pulls off his smelly black sock, soaks it in everyone's piss and forces Kelp to suck the piss right out of it. What with boot-licking, sock-sucking, floor-slurping and more, by the end of this brief but satisfying piss segment Klep is worn out and exhausted on the concrete floor. Scout is a cute boy who longs to be an expert cock sucker and he is paired with Kona, a great looking guy with a truly enormous wang. Kona takes his time with his teaching to show Scout how to become a master at dick sucking and cum swallowing. Tim Sykler is far from new to getting brutally used by daddy tops. In fact, it's what he loves more than anything in life. And when li'l scrawny Tim kneels down to tug open Dan's bulging jeans, you'll swear you're watching a hungry baby animal about to get a long overdue feeding. Skull Fuck has some seriously tough mouth-fucking, some hardcore manhandling of cock suckers. But it's not all the tough stuff. The range of cock sucking in skull Fuck is enormous: from the gentlest nuzzling and cock loving all the way to hard oral, this one has it all. It's a jizz-guzzling, cockloving compendium of oral cock worship. Cast: Dan Fisk, Keer, Damon Dogg, James Roscoe, Kaleb Scott, Tim Skyler, Joey Dingo, Klep, Brandt, Max, Dr Kaos, Rudy, Mr Flexx, Punyboy Hal, Paul Stag, Mud The Pudsucker, Craig, Javin Congo, Danny, Cole, Stallion, Scout, Kona, Zack, Rick