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Sex Pigs

Sex Pigs
Sex Pigs Cazzo Film
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Sex Pigs is a Cazzo film that goes back to the studio's roots - a rough dvd with raw sex and rugged locations. It also marks the return from retirement of Cazzo's biggest star, Thom Barron. The plot centres around a drug-dealer ring that produces a new sex potion and tries it out on attractive young guinea pigs. Skinhead Tim Vincent, from Skin Gang and Sex Skins, plays one of the prisoners and proves to again be one of the dvd's highlights. Andreas Stich is easy-going, charming, and shows unbelievable staying power as sparks fly in his encounter with the sweet little Frenchman Rick Speer. Mike French delivers sex of the harder variety as new talent Stefan Berg takes it from him hard. In the old factory hall the two slither and roll on old tires and on to the floor, where they end totally exhausted. However it is Leo Konig and Uwe Wagner who deliver the most unusual scene as, with intense concentration and expertise, they show their love of cock and ball training and dildos! In true Cazzo hard-sex style, this dvd features hard sex, rimming, ball torture, boot worship, and lots of butch crop-haired guys. Cast: Thom Barron, Andreas Stich, Mike French, Tim Vincent, Alex Wegert, David Daniels, Eduardo Cortez, Leo Konig, Rick Speer, Uwe Wagner, Darius Marx, Franz Dubios, Marc Mason