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Sex Out To Sea

Sex Out To Sea Alexander Pictures
Sex Out To Sea Alexander Pictures
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Alexander Pictures has created another fantasy film in Sex Out to Sea. Get to see what really goes on when a horde of horny hunks get packed onto one big boat with nothing surrounding them but cool, clear water. Marcelo Sousa and Pascoal Coelho are packing some overly full swim shorts and it's not long before their cocks make their way out and into mouths instead of shorts. Marcelo is nice enough to give Pascoal a little tonguing before the boy takes a seat on Marcelo's huge piece. With a little work, he slides his tight hole down the challenging rod. Once he's on, Marcelo starts driving it up into that sweet cunt before flipping Pascoal over and drilling him. Once he's on top, Marcelo's not far from dropping his load into the wad Pascoal's already nutted on his flat stomach. Renato Morales can't take his eyes of the sexy, inked Abilio Camara. He starts feeling him up and it's Abilio who gets the first mouthful of cock and Renato doesn't seem to mind a bit. Abilio sucks cock like he's been a long time without a prick in his mouth. Renato is a fair play kind of guy and returns the favour with gusto. Renato starts a slow, shallow fuck that quickly takes on speed and penetration. These guys blow nice loads before returning to the kissing that started it all. The rooms on this cruise ship are getting so much action it's likely the whole ship was rocking. Bras Gomez and Julio Andrade caress each other on a bed and kissing with enough tongue to make you horny for the cock sucking. Bras is the first proof that a dude who kisses like that can suck cock like a fucking dream. Julio spins around and starts a hot 69. He slides his attention to Bras' perfect little hole and makes it clear where we're headed as he shoves his fuck-finger in. Ulises Cuen and Francisco Macedo are both rubbing impressive bulges. These guys are both pulling on some heavy meat and after some making out and head swapping, Francisco gets behind Ulises and does some making out with some sweet ass. From aft to shaft, these guys clearly enjoy each other's hot cocks, tight holes, and hungry mouths. The sex is incredible and Alexander proves once again that he can find the hottest fuckers in the world for his films! Cast: Abilio Camara, Bras Gomez, Chico Luiz, Francisco Macedo, Jorge Niguera, Julio Andrade, Marcelo Sousa, Pascoal Coelho, Renato Morales, Ulises Cuen