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Screw 2: Cut To The Chase

Screw 2 Cut To The Chase (2 Dvds) Hot House Video
Screw 2 Cut To The Chase Hot House Video
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Steven Scarborough truly understands the effectiveness of colour. Whether it's the beautiful blue lighting that envelops the scenes, the bright yellow jockstrap that houses Fernando Montana's oversize dong or the rich red table that Carlos Morales gets fucked on in a bonus scene, the vibrant colours burst off the screen and make the sex pop. A sex club is the setting for Screw 2: Cut To The Chase, and Kent Larson is the lucky hunk that gets sandwiched between the two mammoth cocks of Montana and Tony Serrano in the opener. With Serrano chewing away at Larson's hole, Larson and Montana kiss as Montana's hugeness presses up against Larson's monstrous quad muscle. Larson has never moaned like this before, and really has to gasp for air as he gets fed from both ends. The other standout moment here is the finale, where hairy sexgod Collin O'Neal tops Troy Punk. In sword play, oral shots, or fucking, O'Neal's always-hard, truly perfect dick is just too gorgeous for words. Scarborough captures some beautiful angles of him pounding Punk's hole. Also, Owen Hawk slurps up Diego De La Hoya's juicy Puerto Rican dick, one of the many utterances the Latino shouts out during this hot scene. The two take turns fucking each other, and the camera does a fantastic job of capturing De La Hoya's asshole gripping Hawk's thrusting cock. Also included are Zachary Pierce fucking Tag Adams (who keeps turning around to suck Pierce's big piece before letting him plow some more), and Clay Maverick topping Kent Larson. Cast: Collin O'Neal, Kent Larson, Tag Adams, Clay Maverick, Owen Hawk, Fernando Montana, Diego De La Hoya, Tony Serrano, Zachary Pierce, Dason Reed, Troy Punk