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Rub Club Box 2 (3 Dvds)

Rub Club Box 2 (3 Dvds)
Rub Club Box 2 (3 Dvds) Berlin Star
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Rub Club Box 2 gives you three full films and nearly six hours of fetish hardcore. Rub Club 4 is shot in the depths of the German 'Stage Club' in Berlin, where these perverted rubber guys will show you what their favourite games are. Watch them fuck each other and enjoy hot piss showers. Boots and asses get licked and a fist slides into a stretched hole which then gives impressive gapage. Six scenes of freaky action! Masked and completely wrapped up in black rubber, a group of man really get off in a dark dungeon in Rub Club 5. They lick boots, rubbersuits, dicks and assholes. One of them takes in not just a fist, but a whole arm up to the elbow. They swop from top to bottom and everybody gets fucked until hot cum splashes in every direction! Rubber-slaves are whipped and get some hard torment on a stretching rack in Rub Club 6. Toyboy Espedito must wank on his master's chemical protective suit - and the master wants to see exactly how much cream the boy will shoot. Expect the unexpected - horny butts will be stuffed by real men-paws and punched up until the fistee's ass becomes a rosebutt. In a vacuum bed a slave is sent to rubber-heaven. Put a big dildo in your ass while watching this film - you'll cum like never before! Cast: DJ Ryder, AV Robber, Marc Coleman, Julian Schmidt