Rogered! AlphaMale Media Liberate Studios
Rogered! AlphaMale Media Liberate Studios
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Hot bronzed studs showing off their bulging muscles and super-sized dicks in the South African fuckfest that is Rogered! Well known superstar Kurt Rogers takes the lead in a non-stop sexual frenzy as he hosts takes comeback party to the paradise of Cape Town. When Kurt comes back to paradise, he's got one hell of a horny treat in store! Dark haired Fabrizzio is ready and waiting to give the muscled stud a welcome he won't forget! Eating his ass like he hasn't touched a meal in days, tattooed Kurt gets his tongue right inside this bronzed Adonis, tongue fucking him, ready for the pounding of a lifetime. Fucking his buddy in great positions both in and out of the pool, ready to splatter each other in fresh jizz, milked from aching bollocks! Arriving for the party, these hunks let their boyfriends wander off to the gardens while they get down and dirty in the bedroom! Each sporting huge hard-ons, the shaven headed buff men can't control their desires for very long, and they're soon fucking each other's faces, driving their shafts deep down the hot throats, their ripped torsos bulging with every muscle as ass is used solidly over and over, almost breaking the bed in the process! Heading to the garden, a pair of hot studs take full advantage of the shade, working on their heat induced voracity. Eating as much ass as they can, they must taste like heaven as their tongues get real deep as they jerk off, servicing the meaty tools as they get throat fucked. Perfect abs, pecs, muscular legs and arms, this top dude is everyone's dream fucker, and the way he slides it in is enough to tip anyone over the edge. Working off all that extra tension in the gym, Kurt, Jed and DJ forget about pumping iron and start pumping meat! The tanned, muscle-bound men show off their great torsos to each other and all eyes are on Kurt's monster member. Slamming into the hungry hole, DJ is spit roasted like a real sex addict, devouring dick left right and centre as Kurt drills him faster than ever! Yelling out as his used hole is used more and more by Kurt, he truly owns that hole and doesn't stop until he's exploding spunk all over the damn place. Leaving Jed to splatter the lucky passive in more jizz over his peachy swollen ass. The last one in the gym, Kurt and buff gym worker Chesrae make the most of the empty space for some pool side fun. Chesrae takes the lead and teases Kurt's innocent ass to some hot dick action! Bending him over and doing him doggy, Kurt's put through his paces and gets to feel just what it's like to be fucked by a muscled big dicked stud! Obviously loving every moment, both dump their loads over Kurt, leaving the newly passive hunk completely drenched. You’ll be exhausted by the time this ride comes to a spunk covered finish! Cast: Chesrae, Cort Masters, DJ, Doug Ruffman, Fabrizzio, Jed Willcox, Kurt Rogers, Nic James