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Queer Eye For The GI

Queer Eye For The GI All Worlds Video
Queer Eye For The GI All Worlds Video
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Many of us have this sexual fantasy of having sex with a military man, and Queer Eye ForThe GI explores this to the full. Marine Aaron Reeves goes to an Army Navy store to replace his uniform. Sales clerk Speedy helps him picks out the uniform of his size, but gets down on his knees and take cock in his mouth. Spreading an Army blanket on the floor, Speedy sits down on Aaron's thick cock, riding it fast and furious, as his own cock swings wildly from side to side. Speedy then gets bent over the clothes rack and fucked from behind, still maintaining a raging hard on. They let go of their cum on their chests. Lance Landers is a former Marine who tends bar, but has fooled around with other guys in the barracks before. At closing time, Rocky, who's a Marine, walks in to talk with bar customer and ex-marine Brian Handcock. After closing, the three Marines strip and begin sucking man cocks. Brian begins by pulling Rocky's dick out of his uniform. Once he gets Rocky hard, Lance joins in the threeway sucking link. Then the rookie gets bent over the bench, while the two veterans plug him from both ends, with Lance fucking his face while Brian takes care of the back end. Lance slides on a rubber and begins humping the young Marine, as Brian straddles Rocky's face and feeds him his cock. They all cum together, with Lance and Brian dumping their loads all over Rocky. Sandy Sloane has always had a weakness for men in uniform, so he's in pig's heaven when Marine Diego Correa and Army pig bottom Kenny show up for an evening of hot and sweaty sexual encounters. The threesome get into the thick of things immediately with Kenny being fed both cocks at the same time. Kenny loves being the object of sexual use, so he has no objection when Sandy pounds him real hard from behind while he gags on Diego's cock. Sandy and Diego switch ends and continue their assault on Kenny's mouth and butt hole. Begging for more, Sandy and Diego lie down butt to butt facing each other, while Kenny takes both cocks up his butt for a great double penetration. Kenny wants both cocks to penetrate him deeper, so he sits on Sandy's stiff one while facing him. Diego inserts his cock inside the already stuffed asshole and starts plunging his cock and rubbing Sandy's dick at the same time. They unleash their torrents of cum on the pig bottom, as Kenny jerks himself to a forceful climax. Diego is helping Marine Kendall Klark move into his new apartment, but soon initiates the new recruit into fucking his tight officer's ass. Kendall works hard on Diego ass and tears it wide open, fucking Diego in both the missionary and doggie style, then gives up his huge load of thick cum on Diego's face while beating his own beat to ecstasy. Cast: Aaron Reeves, Brian Handcock, Diego Correa, Kendall Klark, Kenny, Lance Landers, Sandy Sloane, Speedy

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