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Powersurge Club Inferno
Powersurge Club Inferno
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Powersurge is the closing part of Club Inferno's Powerfist Trilogy that began with Powerfist and continued with Powerhole. Enjoy the sight of the usual hairy scary guys doing unspeakably un-Christian things to each other's rectums, in all manner of unspeakably unfeasible ways. Company foreman Kurtis is enjoying a Friday night fist session with sling-bound and bearded Lawrence and sexy Vaccaro. Kurtis is already fisting the groaning-for-glory Lawrence before Vaccaro has a go, causing the sling monkey not only to rosebud spectacularly, but wet himself at the same time. The camera refuses to shy away from it all. Multiple rosebud close-ups intercut with more punch-fucking and this scene (that definitely isn't for the squeamish) draws to a close. Saturday afternoon sees Black being used by knife-wielding Mancuso, who looks hot. Heavy-duty rough-sex and filthy verbal are the order of the day as Black is painfully deepthroated by Lawrence before Black's hole is lubed up and pounded by Lawrence's fists. Out comes the Miller Lite and Mancuso spits it over both of them, producing enough to drown the twosome in amber nectar! And all from one bottle. Black has remained granite-hard throughout, and his hole is finished off by the tattooed biker pig. Saturday night finds Anderson and Erickson having a quiet night in being roughly banged by a massive double-edged dildo. This is a great scene and the young nympho is soon riding older Erickson's clenched fist for all it's wortht. And when Erickson seems to begin to lose his energy, Anderson eats out his hole and sucks him off to orgasm. Sunday evening co-workers Black and Kurtis are entertaining Vaccaro in the sling-room. Black is in the sling, his Saturday-afternoon-ruptured hole getting a good wham-bamming from Kurtis, who cannot control his orgasm, shooting his load into a condom that he then proceeds to ooze out over Black's hot crotch. Totally turned on, Black yells ôwho's next?ö It's Vaccaro who can't wait to get his hand up the puppet-on-a-sling. A quick fuck has Black screaming his release, and Vaccaro quickly delivers his own load, grinning like a madman due to the whole experience. Cast: Mack Kurtis, Bobby Black, Tom Vaccaro, Jason Anderson, Sean Erickson, Harley Mancuso, Eric Lawrence