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Peep Show

Peep Show Rascal Video
Peep Show Rascal Video
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After an opening appetizer featuring Julian Pierce and Matt Summers in a sweaty suck-and-fuck session (which concludes with Summers literally shuddering in an orgasm for the ages), Peep Show really steps into high gear. We suddenly find ourselves smack in the middle of an incendiary threesome. The centerpiece is Andy Hunter. His long, hard dick is getting serviced by Travis Reed, while cameraman Bailey Parks teases Andy's mouth with his own big dick. What follows is great ass-eating, solid sucking, fun fucking and huge money shots. And what makes it truly special is the unrehearsed naturalness of it; either LaRue is the best teacher, or she knows how to pick guys who just know how to put on a great show (either way works). Viewers are given a little break in scene three, as John Ashe jacks off watching Sebastian Cole fuck Aaron Tanner. Then it's another hot threesome, which opens with some glorious swordplay between Evan Taylor and Peter Raeg (who is fully excited throughout this entire scene, a true sight to behold!). Then Lance Gear joins in the fun. We can't decide which is hotter: The glorious shot capturing Gear sucking Taylor sucking Raeg, followed by Gear taking both dicks in his mouth; or the ensuing fucks, when Gear gets plowed by both. Man, is it getting hot in here, or what? Cast: Julian Pierce, Matt Summers, Peter Raeg, Lance Gear, Evan Taylor, Aaron Tanner, Bailey Parks, Andy Hunter, Sebastian Cole, Travis Reed, Jon Ashe