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Parole Titan Media
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Hands up against the wall - and spread 'em. When Parole officers have to check in with ex-cons desperate to stay out of the slammer, the action quickly escalates as they bust more than just the bad guys. Pool boy Bennett Anthony gets a surprise when parole officer Anthony London sneaks up behind him. Anthony frisks him finding some paraphernalia in his pocket. Anthony guides the busted stud to his knees, as he whips out his uncut meat. Bennett buries his nose in Anthony's bush, choking as he deep throats him. Bennett offers his ass for eating before the top pounds him doggie style, his pubes slamming the bottom's fuzzy butt. Bennett gets on his back, his slab stroked by the top as he fucks away. Bennett squirts, Anthony bending down to lick up the load before kissing him - then squirts on him and does it again. Parole officers Bruce Beckham and Eddy Ceetee search for their man, who is nowhere to be found. With two hours to kill, they decide to practice their frisking technique on each other. Eddy wants to see what Bruce is hiding, and is soon stroking the stud's massive meat. Eddy licks down Bruce's tight frame and engulfs his beast, slurping up the veiny shaft. Bruce sucks him back before getting his smooth hole tongued, and then begs Eddy to go faster as he's pressed against the wall for a hard fuck. Bruce fucks him back, kissing Eddy's hairy leg and licking his leather boot as he slams his hole - the two soon squirting. Checking in on former convict Lorenzo Flexx, officer Jesse Jackman finds the painter at work - and is tempted by the muscle man's jockstrap, peeking out above his ass. He frisks him and checks his monitoring device, which has a broken seal. Sensing the opportunity, Jesse advises that it's all about give and take as he rubs Lorenzo's ass. Jesse fingers the jock, then spits on his hole. He turns the sub around and shoves him to his knees, unleashing his massive dick and Lorenzo sucks him deep. Jesse then rams Lorenzo from behind, slowly grinding in deep. The top spits down on his own dick as he fucks, then turns the bottom over. Lorenzo strokes his big cock as he gets pounded, releasing a white hot wad. Jesse's massive muscles and abs then clench as he squirts on Lorenzo. Cast: Lorenzo Flexx, Bruce Beckham, Bennett Anthony, Jesse Jackman