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Parfums Erotiques (Nomades 5)

Parfums Erotiques (Nomades 5)
Parfums Erotiques (Nomades 5) Cadinot
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Nomades 5 Parfums Erotiques (Erotic Perfumes) is a magical 2007 Cadinot tour through the sensual world of North African exoticism. Imagine it - two handsome young tourists, freshly arrived on the Mediterranean coast, and ready for some enjoyment. They are game to try everything, but end up lost, at night, in the back streets of a town. It's the kind of neighbourhood where you're relieved to see the police - and if these two hot little twinks are disoriented, they certainly know which way is up! A new journey to the land of honey is on the cards - and the spice of eroticism is their guide! Prowling the beach and the slightly dubious massage parlours, and there are chance encounters of a student kind - definitely a meeting of Town and Gown! Cadinot takes us on another voyage of initiation through the jasmine-scented Garden of Eden, an Arabic paradise where savours of mint tea blend with the heady aromas of exotic flowers, as we wander through the narrow alleys of the Soukh. Come with us into the beautiful dream-world of seduction, and allow yourself to be excited by the arousing swirl of tastes and smells in Parfums Erotiques! Cast: David Coxe, Niko Chamberlain, Sydney McKenna, Thomas Karlson, Khalid Raoued, Roberto Montana, Mehdi Faviano, Alex Noriega, Nassim Manhaba, Toufik Mwaka, Romann Elfick, Mehdi Zouani, Pavel Yontchev, Noa Sakara, Leo Kasserine, Alexandre Saxe, William Howard, Marc Van Dervel