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Out In The Workshop

Out In The Workshop AlphaMale Media
Out In The Workshop AlphaMale Media
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When every day at work is filled with fucking, why would you ever want to leave? Well, in Out In The Workshop you will find hot and sexy muscle men that are pumped harder than the machinery! Sweaty, oily action is oozing from every scene, as these greased up fuckers get down to it, energetically pounding into each other's firm asses! Sexy stud Lucas has received an offer for his workshop, but should he sell? The arrival of raunchy repairman Ludovic is enough to give him pause for thought! With dark Gallic good looks and a smooth muscular physique, Lucas can't help but stroke his enormous length as it gets harder through his jeans much to Ludovic's pleasure. The filthy Frenchman immediately notices and wraps his soft lips around Lucas' fat, stiff cock. Who could resist the workshop owner anyway? When two enormous and ripped delivery guys arrive to find the workshop empty, they do what any other hot and horny guys would do - fuck! Both tall, Latin and covered in tattoos as well as rippling muscles, they tense and flex their perfectly pumped arms and meaty thighs while they explore each other, before Tiko takes the lead and rams his dick inside his partner and pounds him senseless, bringing both of them to an explosive orgasm! It's time to shoot the workshop catalogue, but when gorgeous American photographer Shane Frost lays eyes on the colossal cock attached to hunky Zack Elias, photos are the last thing he feels like shooting! Zack splits apart Shane's smooth pink asshole with his mammoth member and Shane moans with pleasure as the fat length invades his tiny ass, stretching it wide and pounding deep! Shaven headed hairy hunk Nathan Price gets Lucas' blood pumping in the direction of his cock again as he tries on a jockstrap that can't seem to contain his own meaty bulge. It's not long before the jock is on the floor and Lucas is plunging his cock in and out of Nathan's hungry mouth, forcing it deep into his throat while Nathan gags and continues! Lucas then gets Nathan upside down on the floor and slides his throbbing cock inside the other man's meaty ass, fucking into his hole, powerfully forcing it in - right to the hilt! The scene comes to a creamy climax when Nathan roars and explodes with wet spunk across himself, with Lucas following his lead! Work off the day's stresses and strains as you watch these man mountains fuck each other senseless! Rest assured you'll definitely be making a return visit to the Workshop! Cast: Tiko, Nathan Price, Lucas Knowles, Ludovic Canot, Marius Mugler, Shane Frost, Zack Elias