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Older Men & Their Brit Twinks 08

Older Men & Their Brit Twinks 8 Rentboy UK Platinum
Older Men & Their Brit Twinks 8 Rentboy UK Platinum
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Daddies seduce four cute British sex pups in Older Men & Their Brit Twinks 8, but the twinks give as good as they get in terrific older/younger scenes! Phlash comes home after a hard day at the office and his young lover Jake promises to rid him of his aches and stresses - with an expert blowjob. Still in his suit and tie, but with his trousers around his ankles, Phlash enjoys the attention from the slim teen. The more Jake sucks his cock, the more Phlash wants to feel his young lover in his mouth and he soon gets his turn. He makes a meal of the youngster's cock and balls, licking the shaft from root to tip and back again. The unlikely lovers continue with a heavy petting session before Phlash sheaths up and Jake, sitting astride his mature fuck buddy, slowly lowers himself onto the upright dick. Switching positions, Jake pumps his own penis as Phlash fucks that tight twink hole. Alan is canvassing the area looking for people to switch their electricity supplier, and when he wakes twink Josh from a sexy slumber, Josh shows him that he's more than ready - but not actually to switch supplier! The pair fall into a tight clinch in the hallway and things get more electric as Alan drops to his knees and devours the young cock. Josh is soon returning the favour before he pushes Alan against the wall and slips his hard teen dick up his mature arse. He pumps him with an expertise that belies his years and the two eventually end up a sticky mess - still in the hallway. Lewis is your typical Emo teen, interested in his computer and social networking. He's not fazed when Justin returns home and gives him a bollocking for not tidying up. On the contrary, the two are soon sucking face whilst their hands wander over bulging trousers. Justin strips down his young Emo and licks and bites his slim white body, paying attention to his nipples before lobbing out his own cock and pushing Lewis's head down onto it. It's not long before Justin wants a taste of young dick, and is soon between Lewis's skinny legs, lapping at his balls and hardening member. Whilst the mature Justin rubbers-up, twinky Lewis bends over the sofa and opens up his cheeks for a thorough fucking. James returns from work to find Chad catching 40 winks. He looks so sexy and innocent that James leans over and wakes him with a kiss. His hands snake under Chad's shirt to flicks his nipples before sliding downwards into his trousers and it's not long before he's got that teen todger deep in his mouth. Chad is now decidedly awake and pushes his old lover onto his back to dig his cock out of his trousers. The big head slips easily past his lips and he snakes it with little pokes to the eye with his tongue. You'd probably never have made James the bottom boy - but take it he does - and loves every minute as his twinky top goes balls deep into his mature hole. Chad gives it to him good before James spurts onto his own stomach and Chad, straddling his lover, knocks one out on his chest. For the best in older/young Brit banging - look no further than this irresistible release! Cast: Phlash, Jake Hardy, Josh Dixon, Alan Webb, Lewis Romeo, Justin Jones, James Ellis, Chad Cole

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