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Night Shift

Night Shift Rascal Video
Night Shift Rascal Video
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Night Shift is a sleazy sex romp which is set in an adult bookstore where the employees spend more time cruising customers (and fucking their bosses) than they do getting any work done. Newcomer Theo Blake is the brand new porn store employee with aspirations of getting into the adult modeling business. But, instead of watching the cash register, he keeps disappearing into the back room. LaRue mixes things up by cutting between scenes showing in the video booths, fantasy sequences, and action taking place in the porn store, effectively guiding the movie along to its sweaty finale. Highlights include Diego de la Hoya's fantasy sequence of a tryst with stunning Alex LeMonde, and the versatile Blake's two scenes of passion-fused carnal bliss-first with store manager Arpad Miklos (who sucks his own cock and shoots in his mouth while Blake rims him), and later in a sensational flip-flop with store owner Kent Larson. In both sequences, Blake establishes himself as a hot new star on the rise. This one's a winner. Cast: Theo Blake, Arpad Miklos, Alex LeMonde, Kent Larson, Logan Reed, Andrew Rubio, Mario Cruz, Diego de la Hoya