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Never Been Touched

Never Been Touched Rascal Video
Never Been Touched Rascal Video
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Virginal Caleb Carter is getting teased by school mates Trae Spencer and Antonio Montez in Never Been Touched, who want him to get laid. They share their experiences to convince him, and the opening schoolroom scene with teacher Claudio Martin taking advantage of student Spencer gets things off to a great start. Spencer works Martin's cock slowly at first before gulping it down, then spreads his hole on teacher's desk for a hot ride. Martin's dick is one of the most camera-friendly for fuck shots, and this is no exception. He is also a great kisser and cocksucker, deep-throating Spencer's sizeable cock repeatedly. Bobby Williams makes a great impression in the five-man scene, as he and Marcus Allen initiate new frat pledges Eryk Elliott, Aeden Michaels and Cory Koons. Williams enthusiastically talks the whole time, and jumps around to suck dick-having a blast as he strokes, sucks and slaps Elliott's cock in his face. He then sits on it, with Elliott enjoying every second (his facial expressions throughout the scene are horny, joyous and honest). A hot scene with Carter getting deflowered by Maxx Diesel is another winner (he stays hard as he mounts Diesel in a fantastic shot), while the Jan Fisher/Antonio Montez pairing rounds things out. Cast: Caleb Carter, Trae Spencer, Antonio Montez, Jan Fisher, Claudio Martin, Bobby Williams, Marcus Allen, Maxx Diesel, Cory Koons, Eryk Elliott, Aeden Michaels

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