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Nasty Nightmares

Nasty Nightmares Cazzo Film
Nasty Nightmares Cazzo Film
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Nasty Nightmares have a habit of coming true - and when a nightmare become reality, Nick Sauvage finds himself facing the wrath of a disgruntled victim. Nick has been selling stolen credit cards from a café and in bed he celebrates with some champagne and some vigorous fucking from his lover Kai Cruz. But Nick’s joy is premature, as his worst Nasty Nightmares come true and he is abducted by masked mercenaries, who suddenly storm the room. Gangster boss T-Bow wants his credit card back and subjects Nick to an intense interrogation with ball torment and electro shock. Nick then gets brutally fucked and covered in piss. Nick‘s accomplice Nicolas Torri doesn’t get off any easier - skinhead Rod crams his rod into both of Nicolas’ holes. Then a masked gorilla of a guy shows up and rams his fists up Nicolas‘ ass. Ben Taylor pounds hunky rubber pig Christian Herzog with his enormous tool, but Christian isn’t happy until Ben‘s arms have reached deep into his ass. The two uniformed mercenaries decide that have earned a well deserved break and David Castan uses every trick in the book to bring out the pig in Ruben Fux - and Ruben is totally into it. Ruben deep throats David before getting worked over in a sling. These two cum pigs then pounce on their next victim, Florian, and tag team him, trussing him up and sticking sounding rods up his urethra. Nasty Nightmares is harsh reality that you would want to wake up from! Cast: Nick Sauvage, Kai Cruz, T-Bow, Nicolas Torri, Rod, Ben Taylor, Christian Herog, David Castan, Ruben Fux, Florian

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