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Nasty Club Inferno
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Fisting bottoms hang from the ceiling like sides of beef, begging to be misused in Nasty, the most shocking, hardcore fetish flick ever from Club Inferno. This cast of maniac fist-pigs suck on out-turned rosebuds then wrap their greased up paws around their eleven inch cocks and shove them both deep into their partner's gaping holes, pushing the piss right out of them. Element Eclipse finds Diablo Fox on all fours and buries his face between his fat ass cheeks. His probing tongue preps Fox for a huge dildo which Eclipse pounds into his hole. Without warning, Eclipse replaces the fake cock with his own giant monster and fucks Fox hard. When Eclipse wraps his fist around his fat cock and shoves them both inside, it's clear Fox needs to be fisted. Eclipse punches the piss right out of Diablo who bounces on Eclipse's forearm until he shoots his load. They may be young, but Ian Jay and Jaxon prove to be two of the nastiest guys in town. Ian hangs from a sling while Jaxon works his hole with a big dildo. When Ian's hole swallows the enormous faux cock, Jaxon knows it's time to grease up his fists. Jaxon buries his paws in Ian's ass and jacks off, smacking his rock-hard cock against Ian's puckered hole until he grunts and shoots into his own slimy glove. Evan Matthews, a nasty fist-pig, lies in a sling grinding a giant dildo into his enormous rosebud. He shoves the fake cock as far in his hole as possible, holds it there, then shoots it across the room where it lands at the feet of a blindfolded Diablo Fox. Fox steps up and shoves his fist in Matthews' hole then pulls it out and licks his protruding rosebud. Just as Fox goes elbow deep, Ramon Steele enters the dungeon and steps up with his monster-cock, hard and ready to fuck. He shoves it all into Matthews' ass then pulls out and gushes cum all over Matthews' punished hole. Nick Forte finds Diablo Fox in chains with his ass in the air. Forte shoves his fist deep in Fox's hole and massages his prostate until Fox can't control himself any longer and releases hot yellow streams of piss high into the air. Forte rewards him by working his arm elbow-deep into Fox's twitching butthole. After some hardcore fist-fucking, Forte pulls off his greased up gloves and shoves them in Fox's mouth leaving him satiated but ready for more. Not for the squeamish, this elbow-deep fisting flick is so filthy it's Nasty! Cast: Diablo Fox, Element Eclipse, Evan Matthews, Ian Jay, Jaxon, Nick Forte, Ramon Steele