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Nailed & Screwed

Nailed & Screwed
Nailed & Screwed Raging Stallion
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In the great tradition of Raging Stallion movies, Nailed & Screwed hits the mark with the hottest cast of the year. In the dusty depths of a basement workshop, Raging Stallion's finest find a few moments to bang and screw out their sexual frustrations. Testosterone drips like sweat as these blue collar buddies go to work. RJ Danvers attempts to force a stubborn screw into its hole in scene one. As David Taylor approaches in a bosses uniform, RJ refocuses on more important issues at hand. RJ works David's fat dick from head to balls, stroking the shaft and slurping on his fat head. RJ then lies back and lets David have a turn before sitting on David's fat dick - the camera catching every inch as it's swallowed by RJ's gaping hole! Luke Cassidy is a boyish looking man with a smooth white body. He meets up with Tristan Phoenix and the two get down amongst the dirt in scene two. Tristan goes down, freeing Luke's cock from his pants and working it into a vein-popping erection. Tristan works Luke's dick with his tongue and throat before Luke puts his ass up for inspection. Luke's tight hairy hole is licked and fingered before Tristan suits up and shoves his dick inside. The intense fucking builds and builds until both boys cover each other in their cum! Tristan Jaxx and Cole Streets aren't interested in work. Instead, they focus on hot little co-worker Colton Steele. Before he knows it, Colton is on the table being stripped and fed dick. When all three dicks are rock hard, the oral action switches around as each man takes a turn. Colton straddles Tristan first, filling his ass with dick. After a ride on Tristan's cock, he lifts himself onto Cole's waiting dick. Colton is the ultimate bottom and can't get enough - he jumps back and forth as his lazy tops wait with hard-ons for a turn up his ass. Junior is a stunning man, built from head to toe with muscle and tattoos. His hairy chest and huge arms bulge as he escapes work with an afternoon jerk-off. As he works his dick, RJ enters and is quickly transformed from co-worker to cocksucker. RJ takes his time swallowing dick, working Junior's balls and then his massive shaft. With RJ rock hard, Junior warms up RJ's hole with his tongue. RJ whines and whimpers like a good bottom as Junior pounds away before pushing him up against a ladder for a final round. With Junior's dick in his ass, RJ shoots and hits the floor before Junior pulls out and explodes all over RJ's ass! Cast: RJ Danvers, David Taylor, Luke Cassidy, Tristan Phoenix, Tristan Jaxx, Cole Streets, Colton Steele, Junior Stellano