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Minute Man 04: Jackhammer

Minute Man 04 Jackhammer Colt Studio
Minute Man 04 Jackhammer Colt Studio
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Four Colt classics from 1988 in Minute Man 4. In Jackhammer, Sexy Studs is breaking up a walkway when the heat and the jackhammer's pounding get to him: as he turns towards the house he catches a full view reflection of himself, and the view ain't bad: all those muscles, and that meat. Pulling on his fat, uncut dick, he chucks the work gear and begins a steamy session of self sex. After his chicken-coop chores, Ed ends his day with some quiet time in Hayseed. There are several locations on the ranch where he can be alone: one of this favorites is soaking in an old brass tub under shade trees. There's no better way for him to kick back than to whip out his big ol' Horst cock and stroke his way to glory. Ee-yow! Nothing like a hot day to make a welder swelter. In Iron Horse, when big Bruce heats up he gets horny. A cold shower and wearing cut-offs fails to cool his uncut hot rod - why fight it? He gives himself over to fun in the sun where all his muscles come into full play. Laying naked he explores and fondles muscles so massive, skin so perfect anybody's cock would go off. In Hard Rider, weekend cyclist Mark pumps up quite a sweat working his 10-speed to its limits. Arriving back at his pad after a heavy run, he hangs loose around the pool. Stripping down to wet sheer trunks, he boogies with his Walkman then slips upstairs for some spread legged private leisure and a whacking good time. Cast: Bruce Emory, Mark Gamble, Ed Horst, Studs Toro