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Masterstrokes 01: Three Ways! (2 Dvds)

Masterstrokes 01: Three Ways! (2 Dvds)
Masterstrokes 01 Three Ways! (2 Dvds) Raging Stallion
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Chris Ward's Masterstrokes 1: Three Ways! features scenes that Ward has selected to represent his finest work. These include many scenes that have become iconic classics within the gay erotic genre. This first volume of the series is focused on three-ways and offers up ten spectacular, full three-way scenes on two discs. Robert Black is joined by Jason Branch and Blake Harper for a construction site work-over that runs the gamut from bondage to fucking - including an amazing three guy chain. Blake Harper's puckered hole never looked so good, especially when Jason drives his empire-shattering cock right into his gut. As Huessein exits the shower, he is fortunate enough to find Tamas Eszterhazy and Matthieu Paris in the nearby hot tub. As Huessein joins them, the dick sucking begins and Huessein is the center of this amazing threesome. In the sewers of San Francisco, The Devil's minions are at work, on each other. Logan McCree, Tober Brandt, and Dak Ramsey are waiting for their orders, so while they wait, they play - with each other. How better to start a sex vacation than a passionate fling with gorgeous pig boy Tag Adams? Brendan Austin and Tag Adams tear each other's clothes off at a furious pace, revealing two of the hottest male bodies of all time. Oral service is followed by powerful fucking but just as action reaches a crescendo, in saunters Shane Rollins - propelling the scene to an even higher level as Brendan Austin and Shane Rollins take turns power-fucking Tag's puckered ass. Handyman Michael Soldier makes a pass at French superstar Taurus. Then, from a shadowed corner of the room comes Arpad Miklos. He's tall, he's stacked, and he's hung like a prize bull-his presence alone dominates the space, but then he pulls out his mammoth prick and the two other men drop to their knees like pilgrims at a shrine. There is never any doubt who the big dog is, and Soldier and Taurus form a two man service team whose sole purpose is to produce as many loads as possible. The hot threeway action continues with five more heady scenes of buff guys working their dicks into equally buff guys and eventually dropping off a wad of cream. Threeway stallion action never looked so good! Cast: Logan McCree, Arpad Miklos, Blake Harper, Brendan Austen, Dak Ramsey, François Sagat, Huessein, Jason Branch, Jay Black, Jerek, Joey Russo, Matthieu Paris, Michael Brandon, Michael Soldier, Mike Powers, Peter Raeg, Robert Black, Ryan Lexington, Shane Rollins, Tag Adams, Tamas Eszterhazy, Taurus Dean, Tober Brandt, Victor Rios