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Master Of The House

Master Of The House Rascal Video
Master Of The House Rascal Video
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Eddie Stone is left an estate in Mallorca after a wealthy Aunt suddenly dies. He hires a staff of Spanish houseboys to cater to his every want and need. Riky, the newest houseboy, brings Eddie his breakfast and soon Riky is the one that is being served for breakfast. The two go right at it and Eddie leaves the young houseboy aching for more. Eddie Stone may be a newly minted playboy - a Spanish villa bequeathed him by a dead relative. But who's the true master of the house? Why, Chi Chi LaRue, of course. Master Of The House begs for a campy cameo from LaRue, but even without one, the director is a powerful presence. Not only does Eddie Stone hold the deed to the palace, but he commands a flock of Spanish, houseboys who are expected to kiss ass whenever Eddie snaps his bitchy little fingers. Cast: Rafael Carreras, Eddie Stone, Tommy Ritter, Jan Fischer, Filippo Romano, Riky LaValle, Simon Angel, Lucas Foz, Ivan Daniel, Angelo Fuentes

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