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Marcus Got Mojo

Marcus Got Mojo Jet Set
Marcus Got Mojo Jet Set
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Marcus Steele shows off his sexy body and his undeniable true southern mojo in Marcus Got Mojo. Muscular stud Marcus Steele slides out of the water and pulls his suit down to stroke his big dick. Dylan swims up to check him out. He gets out of the water and goes down on Marcus's thick tool, sucking and jacking himself off at the same time. Marcus then takes a turn on Dylan's dick, giving him head while stroking his own. Jason, a blonde tousle-haired young man, arrives on the scene just as Dylan is about ready to fuck Marcus. Marcus encourages Jason to join the party and gives him head while being fucked. Then Marcus takes a turn fucking Jason, spread eagle on his back, as Dylan hold his legs aloft. Jason does double duty as he sucks Dylan from beneath while getting topped by Marcus. Both Dylan and Marcus shoot their loads on Jason, and then he cums as well. Marcus, Mason and Ryan are sitting around the table playing a game of quarters and drinking beers. Marcus comes on sexually to Ryan, but he says, "I'm not gay." To which Marcus counters, "There's a first time for everything." Their game has gotten boring, so they start a game of "gay chicken" - seeing how close they can come to going down on a hard dick, without actually doing it. Ryan resists taking Marcus's hard dick, but Mason gives in and actually goes down on Ryan, sucking on the super-hung stud. Marcus is sitting on the sofa and jacking off - just watching the action. Both guys converge on Marcus, with Ryan shoving his thick dick in Marcus's mouth and Mason giving him head. Marcus moves to fuck Mason as he's sucking on Ryan. Mason gets pounded and stands up and flips over to continue getting fucked by Marcus as he now sucks on Ryan. Mason shoots a load of cum, and then Marcus pulls out of Ryan's ass to cum on him. Ryan jacks off and cums over Mason, with Marcus kissing and hugging him from the rear. The beer didn't exactly make them do it, but it certainly did help. Marcus Steele takes a break from studying and gives Jason Crystal's hot ass a thick juicy dick injection. Hunky Jason squeals and squirms but takes it up the butt right on the teacher's desk anyway. Talk about detention! Two hours and eight scenes certainly show why Marcus Steel is the top of his game! Cast: Marcus Steele, Dylan Wood, Jason Pitt, Derrek Diamond, Patrick Bateman, Ryan Rockford, Mason Alexander, Cody Carter, Cidd Pierce, Austin Grant, Josh Griffin, Dayton O'Connor, Jason Crystal

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