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Les Minets Sauvage

Les Minets Sauvage
Les Minets Sauvage Cadinot
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Les Minets Sauvages explores the claustrophobic and repressive atmosphere of a reform school for young offenders where the guards turn a blind eye to the exploitation that occurs amongst the young inmates, and occasionally take advantage of the boys for their own pleasure too. The actual ruler though is the tough but tender Vincent (Luigi di Como), who brooks no disobedience from his underlings. Didier Hamel plays a new inmate, a tender youngster who has been mistreated at home. On arrival he is subjected to a deliberately painful anal examination by one of the guards, before Vincent welcomes him to the fold with a multiple fucked by himself and two henchmen. The precedent has been set, and Hamel finds himself constantly on the bottom - in the dormitory, on firewood details, in the bathrooms. Though he obviously enjoys the sexual attention, he also wants the affection he never received, even at home. His knight in shining armour turns out to be Jean-Louis Vaissieres, the only inmate with the toughness to stand up to Vincent and the tenderness to give Hamel affection along with sex. Cadinot creates vignette after vignette of sexual heat and coaxes from his young actors performances that are convincing and realistic. Known as Tough & Tender for its USA release, this is a classic Cadinot feature from 1984. Cast: Didier Hamel, Jean Louis Vaissieres, Luigi di Como, Gerard Mandrin, Patrick Seigneur, Pierre Bruisson, Jonathan Levy, Omar Salam, Jacques DeRives, Christol Lighthouse, Gerard Nemour, Jean-Michel Senecal