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Legendary Stud: Dan Fisk (2 Dvds)

Legendary Studs The Best Of Dan Fisk (2 Dvds) Treasure Island Media
Legendary Studs The Best Of Dan Fisk (2 Dvds) Treasure Island Media
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They say it's not just what you have but how you use it. Renowned topman Dan Fisk doesn't have to worry about that - he's doubly-blessed. With both a fat eight-and-a-half incher and the talent to leave every man who's lucky enough to suck his cock or get a deep fuck from him wide-eyed, cum-filled, and totally satisfied. This installment of Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media's celebration of master fuckers, Legendary Stud: The Best Of Dan Fisk, features full-service stud Dan face fucking and raw fucking the likes of Christian, Ian Jay, Brad Davis, Fuck Hole and more. Brad Davis sees raw footage of Jeremy Oliver sucking off Dan Fisk and being the total cock-addict that he is, Brad couldn't stand not getting a turn swinging on Fisk's big, perfect cock. Now, when Brad sucks cock, he doesn't just suck - he worships and when Dan blows his thick, generous load onto Brad's tongue and down his throat, Brad squirts his own juice and (being the happy jizz-junky he is) licks up every drop. Everyone seems to love Dan's good looks, his gentle manner and his big, fat ever-ready throbber. I know he has a soft spot in his loins for the young 'uns, so he's paired with innocent, naive 19-year-old porn-virgin Sky next. At first Sky is a little shy about sucking Dan's fat wiener in front of the camera, but the connection between the two men takes over and by the end, Sky is giving Dan's cock a love-bath that draws out a big, spurting load. Dan saw Zack getting butt-fucked by Brad McGuire in Plantin' Seed 3 and knew right then and there that he wanted the kid's mouth around his big daddy cock. Zack definitely isn't new to getting brutally used by daddytops and when scrawny li'l Zack kneels down to tug open Dan's bulging jeans, you'll swear you're watching a hungry baby animal about to get a long overdue feeding. Skeet is an eager daddy's boy with a gorgeous hairy chest and this little cum slut sucks Dan'S meat like he's starving. Of course, Dan doesn't let his greedy boy go hungry, he uses Skeet's face until it's filled with spunk. There's cock sucking, and then there's cock worship. The adoration is obvious on Marcus's face as he expertly licks and sucks and swallows Dan's awe-inspiring knob. This is one intense face fuck and his mouth only leaves Dan's cock to smear his own cum on it and then Marcus is right back down on the thick shaft, eating it clean. Dan Fisk is at the top of his league when it comes to cock eating - he is a sex dynamo and Legendary Studs: The Best Of Dan Fisk is jam packed with all his legendary conquest - too many to mention! This is 134 minutes of hot Fisk action that will not disappoint! Cast: Dan Fisk, Ian Jay, Alex, Andre, Beef, Brad Davis, Fuck Hole, Jason Park, Marcus, Skeet, Sky, and Zack